Learn about Dental Implants in Olympia, WA

About Implants

An implant is a titanium man-made root that is placed in your jawbone, allowing an abutment and crown to be placed over it to fill a missing space. The success of implants have increased dramatically over the years, and new procedures have caused patients to experience very little post-operative sensitivity.

Types of Implants

Single-tooth Implants

Implants are a wonderful option to replace a single missing tooth. When your natural tooth is missing, your remaining teeth can shift and change your bite. You will likely have a harder time chewing. An implant can bring your bite back to its natural appearance and function. This option will give you a tooth that looks and feels as close to your natural teeth as possible.

Multiple-tooth Implants

Many times more than one tooth is missing in patients. With implants, multiple teeth can be replaced to give you back the natural form and function of your teeth and jaws. An implant bridge can be used to replace spans of missing teeth, and would be a more functional permanent solution over removable dentures.

Full-Arch Implants

Many people have dentures and struggle daily with trying to have them function and stay in place. A solution to this is implant retained dentures. This is when two or more implants are used to have a denture snap onto them with special attachments. This process will dramatically increase the function and stability of the dentures.

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